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Gmail Mailing Lists

Posted by on May 10 2020 | Uncategorized

Add Name

Remove Name

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New NASA tracks

Posted by on Nov 27 2016 | Uncategorized

This is “Comet Dance” from the album Interstellar Cabaret.

This is “Saturn’s Rings.”

Both these tracks were built from materials that NASA uploaded to SoundCloud.

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Emily of Amherst: Rounding the Bend

Posted by on Mar 05 2009 | Dance, Emily of Amherst, Music, Uncategorized

We are rounding the bend on the ballet. There are a few more scenes to go, and I am writing about three minutes of music a day. While it is a bit tiring, I am having fun. It is also revitalizing to see that the “Done” pile is now bigger than the “To-Do” pile.

I need to have the music locked by the end of March. Holy Smokes! I just realized how soon that is! Well, back to work.

So when will I have time to do my taxes?

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