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Almost Done

Posted by on May 07 2009 | Dance, Emily of Amherst, Music

It has been a busy several weeks.  Dealing with recording, scheduling, click-tracks, getting music and voices recorded, fixing pitch and other glitches, over-dubbing, synching, mixing, etc.  You know the drill.

But we are mostly done with the music as we enter the final week of rehearsals.  Mostly done?!  Shouldn’t you be entirely done? you ask.  Yes, but we have three versions of one dance, and the dancers need to decide which one they want.  I hope they do that soon.

I must say, it has been really fun working on this project.  It has given me a much better understanding of Emily Dickinson the person.  While she was a very private person, she had a delightful sense of humor, and the people who knew her intimately must have been very lucky indeed.

Now, as long as Swine Flu fears doesn’t close down the theater, we will have a great show.

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